The Great Falls Builders Exchange was started in 1958 by the Society of Architects as a service to the building community. It offers a location for members to view projects that are bidding throughout Montana and neighboring states. Today the Great Falls Builders Exchange is providing the same great service. We are proud to serve the needs of general contractors, sub contractors, suppliers, and other industry professionals.
The GFBE of operates a full-service plan room in Great Falls which covers virtually every publicly bid project in Montana. Our plan room provides a clearinghouse for the competitive bidding of projects, encouraging competition and reduced construction costs to commercial projects. 

What is the Great Falls Builders Exchange

We are your local source for construction project bid information throughout Montana and surrounding states. Members have access to our physical planroom as well as our online planroom, weekly bulletin providing information about the projects available for bid, we also offer wide-format printing services.

Meet Our Team

Krista Smith

Krista took over the operations of the Builders Exchange in 2004. In that time she has seen big changes in the industry and especially in the area of technology.  She has worked in every capacity at the exchange and she has had over 20,000 projects pass through under her watch. Krista works closely with other industry professionals and serves on both regional and international builders exchange boards.  Krista also acts as the executive secretary for the Great Falls Society of Architects.  She works closely with architects locally and state-wide, to assure that the Builders Exchange is addressing the issues that are important to the industry.  She loves living in Great Falls with her husband, Ryan and has most of her family living close by.  Their sons own a local coffee shop and she is often part of the behind the scenes activities related to that.  She enjoys spending time playing on the river in the summer and has embraced the winter by becoming involved with the local junior hockey team, housing many of the players over the last several years.

Allie Mooney
Plan Room Manager

Allie joined the Builders Exchange in 2017, taking a part time position initially. Allie quickly worked into a full time roll and has become an essential part of the operation. Allie is the go-to with questions about projects, both past and present, and also works as our membership coordinator. She has recently taken a leap into planning “The best day of the year”, our annual Society of Architects golf tournament. Allie and her husband, Chris, have 2 children and spend their off hours chasing the activities of the kids. They are a baseball loving family and you will often find Allie decked out in her favorite baseball themed clothes.

Susie Hess
Plan Room Assistant

Susie joined the exchange in the spring of 2023 and jumped in with both feet. Susie’s meticulous attention to detail keeps our projects on track and she is especially skilled in finding new projects that are relevant to our members. Most days, she will be the first friendly voice you will hear when you call. She enjoys getting to know our members and has become very efficient in preparing print orders of any size. Susie enjoys spending her time away from the office with her husband, Mike and their 2 children. She is passionate about volunteering in our community and loves to take advantage of our Montana hiking opportunities.